The second largest Democracy is facing an Issue of whether Indians are to respect the NATIONAL ANTHEM born out of Inspiration or Imposition. Nationality should be a proud born out of patriotism and emotional  attachment to the soil to which one is born, this vibrant democracy enjoys full freedom of speech, Expression of faith in Religion, Right to Equality etc.. It remains edified among   the world nations as a social, democratic, Secular, sovereign Republic. Having said this all the citizens of this Nation are driven by the political intelligence that one assesses out of their intelligence. To me “politics is all about struggle for power. The quality of power is decided on the floor of Majority vs  Minority.

The truth of Indian politics is gaining mileage for consolidation of vote banks. These consolidation has on other side brought out Appeasement and symbolic means of adherence. To me certain sections   of demographic counts have a retrospective feel of insecurity and getting marginalized. These thoughts are abundantly influencing their Emotional Intelligence. The state as to the Directive principles is bound to see the welfare of Citizens also to maintain law and Order as to their demand. Sporadic incidents in college campuses,  Media analysis and Interpretation of intellectual Indian masses has really confused the concept of   Patriotism to its Abstract sense. I am a Indian first and then only my suffix of Hindu, Muslim, Parsee etc is attached to my Identity with discrimination. The fourth estate media is always binding itself for sensationalism instead statutory to its search of Truth. Also media hours at times are spontaneously find lenient to certain political spectrum. This has brought about contradictions and confusions to Indian Minds. It has become as a principle that all social issues that are born find its destiny and get Abide from judiciary. At times to me even Indian Judiciary is at stake to pronounce a streamlined verdict to its Hierarchy.

There are incidence  such that findings of lower hierarchies in judiciary remains upheld irrespective systematic decorum of vibrant legal system. Having said all this  the verdict of Natural Anthem was pronounced first and then send to full bench for its appropriation. In the second conclusion Indian Society is really in Dilemma whether being Indian I feel to respect my Anthem out of my Emotional Intelligence and out of compulsion of state. The habitat of discipline cannot be imposed or super imposed by the Rule of law. It’s   is the voice of within self that converts to Action. Unity in diversity and also difference in understanding born out of social circumstances and leverage got by the ruling Authoritarian. The base of emotional Intelligence is an output of attachment to the concept born out of unanimity of an Indian Endurance. This categorically cannot be compelled through the statutes of legislature and judiciary. It should be born out of passion being an citizen of this Nation. Where ever I be an Indian and edification of this statehood reach out as Instigation of oneself. Whether it is  in a public or private space of my country. A duty bound soldier dies at the frontiers of this country. Each  martyrdom is a building stone of patriotism. Indian Intellectual   masses that comprise of writers and social figures cannot be those who distinguish and distinct the Identity of Nationality and Anti nationality. It is we who are born out of Clarity received on my realized social security, law and order, Acceptance of religion faith that contributes to the Emotional Intelligence.


Brindavan Group of Institutions (a BRS venture)

Bangalore – India.